HIFU Treatment For Belly Fat: How Does It Work?

One of our newest treatments in the salon is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) which has recently gained popularity for it’s “lunchtime facelift” capabilities. We use the Focus Dual from Lynton which is a medical grade certified product making it safe for your body.

Did you know, you can also have HIFU treatment done on other parts of your body, including your belly?

What is HIFU body sculpting?

The Focus Dual HIFU treatment is a new technology that uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to heat and destroy fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues. It is a non-invasive procedure that is painless, safe and effective. This treatment works by focusing sound waves onto the target tissue, causing the targeted cells to die off.

The dead cells then cause inflammation, which causes the body to eliminate them through normal metabolic processes. Once the dead cells are eliminated, the patient will experience a reduction in their overall weight, skin tightening, production of collagen and firmer skin.

HIFU is a minimally invasive so there are fewer risks associated with this procedure. This means you don’t have to worry about going under the knife to get the results you want. 

Question: Do HIFU Treatments hurt?

Focus Dual HIFU is much less invasive than other treatments meaning that the pain is limited. Your practitioner will take the time to make sure that you are comfortable during the session. You may feel that the skin is hot and sort of prickly, like you are getting little electric shocks.

Some patients may experience mild discomfort after their treatment but you’ll be able to go straight back to your normal activities after your session.

What can the Focus Dual Help with?

The Focus Dual treatment is safe and effective across the body including these areas;

  • Non-surgical facelifts
  • Body sculpting and skin tightening on the arms, thighs, bum and belly
  • Wrinkle reductions and evening out texture
  • Scar treatment including acne scars

In addition to destroying tissue, HIFU stimulates collagen production and improve skin elasticity which will keep your skin looking healthier for longer. 

Question: How long does the treatment take?

Your HIFU session will usually take 60 – 90 mins. During this time the beauty experts will take you through the non-invasive treatment and give you all the details that you’ll need for aftercare. 

When will you see results?

The skin may become sensitive and slightly red after your procedure. In a week or two, you’ll start seeing a more radiant, even skin tone along with the tightening and firming benefits that come from the procedure – the skin will continue improving up to 12 weeks post treatment.

We hope you’ve found this blog helpful, especially if you’re looking to learn more about the HIFU treatments. 

If you’d like book in for a session with the team at Ana Harmony, pop into the Salon on the Cookham Road in Maidenhead to book or give the team a ring on 01628 298 040. 

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