If we were to ask what your perfect skin texture is, you’d look at us a bit funny, but at Ana Harmony, we love everything skin. It’s something that we’re always discussing.

This week, we want to let you in on some of the secrets around facials, plus, the benefits that they can have for your skin and wellbeing.

Facials aren’t just an excuse to get out the masks and pamper yourself (though they are that as well).

Here are the five top benefits of a facial;


We’re putting this one first because it’s an overlooked part of the facial process. Did you know that skin to skin touch stimulates the happy hormones in your body? They also reduce the stress hormones, so it’s positive all around.

Whilst having a facial, you might notice that your body relaxes, your heart rate lowers, and you don’t feel as much anxiety. This is the hormone oxytocin flowing through your system and chilling you out.

Relaxation isn’t easy to come by when we’re on the go all the time or when our to-do lists seem to be never-ending. A relaxing facial can bring you back to earth and reset you ready to take on the world.

Getting You A Healthy Glow

In most people’s minds, this is the main reason for getting a facial.

There are a few reasons that a facial gives you that glowing look and feel so, let’s explore that a little more.

Each part of the process, which you can read more about here, helps.

Cleansing and exfoliating get rid of unwanted products (makeup, oils, etc.) and clear the dead skin cells.

If you haven’t formed the habit of a skincare routine at home, you might notice that you get clogged pores and skin cells build up. This can cause your complexion to come across as dull. When we clean away these older cells, it lets the new, younger and fresher cells come through to the surface, which gives your skin its spark back.

Gentle massage to the face helps promote blood flow and cell regeneration which creates a natural glow. We use various facial treatments at the salon, such as toners, masks and moisturisers. These promote healthy skin, which of course, goes a long way in keeping your skin looking beautiful.

Reducing The Signs Of Aging

We don’t have a cure for ageing, but we can reduce the signs of ageing across your face with our facials. As we’ve already mentioned above, massaging the face is a great way to stimulate blood flow. A rise in blood flow means that the face will get more colour and be firmer/plumper, which we are looking for.

As we get older, we often see the tell-tale signs of ageing starting to appear; this is for two reasons. The skin’s surface gets damaged by daily wear and tear, such as sun damage, scarring or hyperpigmentation. The other reason is the changes in the soft tissue and structural support under the skin; this is purely down to ageing. Feel free to read more about this in this link!

We have many different facials that reduce frown lines, wrinkles, scarring and dyspigmentation.

One of the main things that we can do is set you up with a good skincare routine to look after the skin condition that you already have. We’ll chat through your goals with you before we get started, so if you are conscious of the signs of ageing, we can work out a facial routine to suit your needs.

Time For You

It isn’t easy to find time for yourself, trust me – we get it. With the pandemic keeping us on lockdown for a long time, kids to pick up after or home school and households to look after, there isn’t much time to focus on doing anything for you.

A facial is a great way to spend some time getting pampered and looked after. Relaxation time on your own allows you to unwind and destress.

Stress can significantly impact your skin, so make sure you are spending some time on yourself.

Get Advice On How To Look After Your Skin

A professional facial is one part of being kind to your skin. It’s essential to make sure that you upkeep your skin between sessions to see the most improvements. This means having a skincare routine at home. But where do you even start?

Our team at Ana Harmony will discuss how your skin looks and feels and give you tips on what you could be doing at home to help keep it healthy. If you have any significant concerns, feel free to bring them up to get advice on the best techniques, tools and processes.


Setting Up Your Facial Appointment

There are tons of benefits to having a facial done, from the outward physical changes to internal mental ones. If you’d like to book a time to pamper your face, you can use this link here or pop along to our Maidenhead salon for a chat.

If you’re a little apprehensive and it’s your first time, don’t worry – we’ll walk you through the process!


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