Nails Trends For Autumn 2021

There is something truly magical about getting your nails done. Whether it’s the moment in time that you take to do something for yourself or the result of beautiful and stylish looking nails. There are so many fantastic nail options, and one of the best times for new trends is autumn nails. 

Last week on the blog, we looked at some new products we’ve got in the salon, these screamed autumn and we’re adding to the list of autumn goodness today. One of the primary services we offer is Shellac manicures and pedicures. This week, we are looking at some of the hottest nail trends of the season to give you some ideas that you can bring into the salon. 

Getting your nails done is one of the great self-care processes; it’s a little like cutting or colouring your hair but less drastic (we’ve all been there).

We’ve had plenty of inspiration this autumn and want to share some of our favourite nail looks. 

Autumn nail trends 2021

Elegant Autumn Nails: 

An elegant nail is one of the best picks if you are working in an office or need something that will look good at various social events throughout the autumn months. For the elegant nail picks, we like to go with neutral colours that will compliment any outfit – at the moment, the most popular colours are greys, orangey browns and khaki greens. The neutral versions of these colours aren’t bold, but they look great against a late summer tan. 

The other option for an elegant nail with an autumn vibe is the french pedicure with micro tips. Kept short; these are eye-catching and delicate whilst being practical. The tips are often a deep green, brown or purple colour, and they add a new twist to the classic french manicure look.

Decadent Autumn Nails: 

Our second choice is the decadent picks. Who doesn’t love a dark purple or rich red nail once autumn comes around? I think most of us will agree that the vampy nails are a hallmark of autumn nail trends, but this year we are seeing a lot more gold creeping in. 

The marble and gold leaf effects are beautiful statements for 2021. Gold can often come across as quite gaudy, but it gives off a classic statement look if used as an accent. 

We also love the ombre look across the nails – we take a few different shades of the same colour and paint them on individual nails. There are so many colours to choose from, so why not pick five?

Cosy Autumn Nails: 

You won’t be shocked to see this one cropping up on the list. Matte nails have been all the rage for a good few years, and it’s still a timeless look that conjures up a cosy atmosphere. There are so many colours to choose from on the matte spectrum, so it’s all about which colours make you feel most autumnal.

We love coffee brown and teal at the moment. Matte nails always make us think of crushed velvet, which tends to have an autumn/winter feeling. If you want something that oozes cosy from head to toe, go with the matte pick.

Cute Autumn Nails: 

Finally, we couldn’t finish off this list without mentioning the cute variety of nails. The ones that we’ve seen trending this year are golden polka dots on red, adorable Halloween nail art designs and marble/tortoiseshell effects. 

We’ve seen some of these trends continuing year on year, but they always bring back brilliant memories. The Halloween nail art is always popular towards the end of October but might not fit in with your nail needs for the rest of the month; if you’re looking for something more versatile, try out the marble effect or tortoiseshell; these are super cute. 

Hopefully, this blog post has inspired some ideas for your next trip to the nail salon. As always, we’d love to speak with you about your nail ideas. Either pop in our Maidenhead salon or give us a ring on 01628 298040.

You can also book manicure and pedicure sessions with us by clicking the link to our nails page.

What are your favourite nail trends to wear in the autumn months?

Ana Harmony

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