The Five Types Of Massage At Ana Harmony

Do you suffer from stress and burnout from work?
Have you noticed that your posture has declined since working from home?
Do aches and pains constantly plague you?

If you’ve answered YES! to any of the above, you might want to think about getting a massage. Today we want to take you through all the massage types that we offer at the salon. They range in timings from half an hour to the whole hour, so even if you don’t have a tremendous amount of time, there will be something here for you.

Before you jump in, remember that a massage isn’t a one time deal, and if you can set up a regular appointment, you’ll see more benefit. Massage can help in one-off situations, but if you deal with pains and soreness, having a bi-weekly massage can do wonders, and you always leave feeling less stressed than you came in.

Massage Types At Ana Harmony Salon:

Back, neck and shoulder massage (30 Mins) at £35

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore shoulder complex or neck pain? This is a common occurrence, with many of us struggling with these irritating upper body pains from time to time. If you work from home or at a desk, you’re more likely to suffer from back, neck and shoulder pains.

Our bodies like everything in moderation, and that goes for sitting at a desk as well. Sitting at a desk for long periods causes muscles and joints in the area to atrophy and become less pliable. When we use them for things like lifting or exercising, we are more susceptible to injuries. This is why it’s always good to take some breaks from sitting.

Now, there is no easy way around the sitting part, primarily if you work long hours behind a screen, but you can make sure that the muscles in this region get the stretch and relaxation they need. Our back, neck and shoulder massage aims to help you out with this – we focus on warming up the muscles in the area and helping relieve tension that you might be feeling there. Of course, the bonus with a massage is that you leave feeling more relaxed!

Full Body Massage With Essential Oils (1 Hour) at £60

Our full body massage is the top to toe approach for massages. If you are struggling with any particular pain points, then this might be the pick for you. We focus on areas generally susceptible to holding a lot of tension (we’re looking at you… shoulders, lower back and calves).

We use a range of relaxing essential oils in the salon to compliment the massage. Our favourites for calming moods are lavender and chamomile. Eucalyptus and other herbal based essential oils are fantastic for decongesting. Clients that have our full-body massages always leave feeling pampered, relaxed and glowing!

Two points massage (45 Mins) at £45

Do you have specific issues that are just not going away? Our 45min session focuses on two areas of the body that you might be having problems with. We often get people asking for help with stress in the hips and shoulders. Massages help to loosen up the muscles in these areas, and if there is damage, massage will help increase blood flow and oxygen whilst also clearing out lactic acid, which is a common cause of sore muscles. We have a chat about your problem areas beforehand to get an idea of what your body needs help with.

Sports Massage (1 Hour/30Mins) £60/£35

Sports massages focus on areas that are under an immense amount of pressure daily. This might be through sport and exercise, but sports massage is also helpful for people who are putting a lot of stress on their bodies in other ways, like tradesmen and women, farmers and military personnel.

Sports massage focuses on reducing the tension in the body, improving circulation and assisting in the breakdown of lactic acids. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, our bodies enjoy moderation. In some cases, we might be too passive, which can cause issues (the above massages are great for this) – in this case, we are trying to assist highly active people.

Sports massage is a brilliant tool for people trying to prepare for athletic events, those who are feeling pain after an event or those needing rehabilitation. It’s also for people working physically demanding jobs who are straining their bodies.

Hot Stone Full Body (1 Hour) at £70

We bet that you’ve been told to take a bath if you’ve got sore muscles from a workout or you have somebody pain. Baths are a fantastic tool for pain relief through muscle relaxation and stress relief, but did you know that hot stone massage works the same way?

Pain in the body, like inflammation or muscle spasms, can be debilitating. When we introduce heat onto the affected area, it relaxes the muscles and often allows you to feel more relief. Instead of being submerged in a bath or a warm pool, the heated stones focus on specific areas. The other exciting part about a hot stone massage is the pressure of the stones. You might have heard about weighted blankets and their benefits in sleeping and anxiety reduction. Light pressure on the body can have such a significant impact on our hormones which directly impact stress and pain levels positively.

If any of these massages sound like something that you’d like more information about we’d love to speak with you. Either pop in our Maidenhead salon or give us a ring on 01628 298040.

You can also book massage sessions with us by clicking the link.

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