The Ultimate First-Timers Guide To Waxing 

First up, body hair is beautiful. There we said it. 

Many of us ladies and gents spend SO much time getting rid of body hair when even the most keen-eyed people around us are unlikely pay attention.

But, for some of us getting that nice clean shave and jumping into fresh sheets or just feeling the smooth skin as you layer on your SPF on holiday is a heavenly feeling.

So, if you want a little more information on the best way to get that smooth feeling on your body, read on. This is a guide for first-timers considering getting waxed!

Which Areas Does Waxing Work Best For?

Waxing is a treatment that’s done across the body. From the places that get wispy and sparse hairs like your face, to areas that give more of a forest vibe such as legs, armpits and the bikini area. Waxing is a great opportunity to get to some of the areas on your body that are a pain to shave or simply get forgotten about when you are doing a weekly once over in the shower. 

Waxing is also a great way to avoid the unwanted side effects that often come with shaving, including small cuts, shaving rash and itching and ingrown hairs (especially common in the pubic region).

At Ana Harmony we do both male and female waxing, check the links to find out more!

So, there are many fantastic reasons to get a wax – but there is one question that we commonly get asked in the salon…

How Painful Is Waxing?

We’re not going to beat around the bush here.

Waxing can be painful – for first timers, you won’t have an idea of your pain tolerance levels for waxing. Some people find the pain to be a breeze where others can’t stand it for longer than a couple of minutes. 

It can help the pain and swelling to take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen before your session if it’s safe for you to do so.

If you are trying waxing for the first time, the Beauty Experts will take you through the process and wax less painful areas such as legs and arms first if you are opting for a full body wax. 

Choosing The Right Salon

When you first decide to get waxed, you may want to choose a salon that specializes in waxing, especially on your first time. Beauty salons will usually offer a variety of services, so you can pick the ones that are right for you.

At Ana Harmony we offer a wide range of waxing services, from individual body parts to some that are collected together like the leg and bikini wax.

Take A Moment To Relax

The last thing you want to do is tense up while getting waxed, this can actually make the pain worse. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting a bikini wax or a face wax.

Just try to relax and enjoy the moment – the stinging pain will be over with before you know it and you’ll have plenty of smooth parts to show off!

Take Care of Your Skin

While you’re waiting for your wax, take care of any cuts or scrapes that you may have, make sure they are cleaned out and properly looked after. You should avoid shaving before your session as well, make sure you have a good amount of hair ready to be waxed when you go for a session. The longer the hair, the smoother your body will be afterwards – this is because the wax has more to grab onto.

During your session, try to avoid touching your skin during the waxing process. That way, you won’t transfer bacteria from your hands onto your freshly waxed areas.

Don’t Forget About Aftercare

After you leave the salon, try and keep cool throughout the day. Avoid vigorous exercise and avoid any hot treatments such as saunas and steam rooms. When you shower use warm water rather than hot water. Waxing is a heat treatment and pores remain open for 24-48 hours after waxing. You want to avoid irritating the skin. In addition avoid wearing tight clothing in the area that has been waxed to prevent ingrown hairs from occurring. You want to be as gentle as possible with your recently waxed parts – the wax works as an exfoliator for the skin so don’t use anything harsh on it for a few days. 

Be rigorous about applying your moisturiser, wax can cause the skin to be drier than normal so applying a hydrating moisturiser a couple of times a day will do wonders. 

When To Set Up Your Next Appointment?

If your first wax felt amazing and you want to go back for another round then you’ll be wondering when to set your next appointment. Normally we suggest 4 – 6 weeks depending on the amount of hair growth that you have seen in that time.

If you are planning some time away and want to get a wax in before that we suggest getting it in a few days beforehand to avoid any of the swelling whilst you are travelling and enjoying your time away!

Hopefully this post has helped you feel more confident about taking the plunge into waxing.

At Ana Harmony we have plenty of waxing treatments in a calming and supportive environment, book in for a treatment on the Cookham Road in Maidenhead or give the team a ring on 01628 298 040.

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