Happy New Year. We hope you enjoyed yourself over the festive period.

You may find this January your skin is feeling a bit dry and dehydrated? There are many factors that contribute to a dry skin type. It can be due to genetic makeup or in other instances be due to exposure of external factors such as the environment and lifestyle.

Usually this time of year the external factors will have a larger contribution to dry skin. Environmental factors that will be affecting our skin will be the change of weather. Cold winds and weather extremes along with coming into the warm indoors central heating will contribute in losing moisture. This is why skin may feel tight. Lifestyle factors that can affect our skin is firstly not having enough water intake. An over indulgence in alcohol or regular use of certain medications can also dehydrate your skin. In addition if your body lacks essential fatty acids the skin can start to dry out and feel scaly.

How can you help your skin?
Firstly up your water intake. Take a look at your skin care routine, are you using the right products for your skin? If you are unsure pop into the salon for a free skin consultation. We will help and advise you on any boosters you can add if your skin is feeling dry.

The second part to healthy skin will be looking at your skin supplements, which we call your inner facial. A great booster this January is the New Moisture Lock a patented formula containing high quality ceramides and hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate your skin. Pair this with Skin Omegas for great results. The supplements are made with premium, high purified fish from EPAX, awarded friend of the sea certification for sustainable sourcing.

What’s New in 2020?
We are happy to announce that we are now able to recycle your empties.
Did you know that around 120 billion units of non-recyclable packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry?

Unfortunately the beauty industry is one of the worst culprits when it comes to plastic pollution. Many councils are unable to recycle beauty packaging because it often contains mixed materials and elements which cause contamination.

With this in mind we have joined the new Environ recycling scheme to help reduce the amount of plastic containers ending up in landfill sites. The products instead will be sent off to a specialist firm who will re purpose the plastic into secondary products.
We will accept any skin care empties in our recycling box.

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