Our skin is one of the most important parts of our bodies, it protects us on a daily basis from all sorts of things, but it’s one of the parts of the body that’s so often overlooked when it comes to care. 

Let us give you tips and tricks on how to protect your skin at home from indoor pollutants. 

Pollution in your home 

When we talk about pollution it’s reasonable to assume that we’re talking about the outdoor pollution. You’re probably thinking of the gunk on the underground, atrocious air quality levels from cars sat in traffic jams or even the sun – all of these outdoor pollutions can negatively impact your skin surface and have harmful effects, but so can staying indoors.

Pollution simply means something that can have harmful impacts and in this case we’re talking about the skin, but these can also be environmental stressors for other medical issues.

So, who are the main culprits when it comes to indoor pollutants on your skin?

  • Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Dust, gases such as cigarette smoke and dirt.
  • Chemicals used in cleaning.
  • Air conditioning and heating systems.
  • Electronic devices that illuminate with blue light.

What are the impacts of indoor air pollution on the skin?

The impacts upon the skin from indoor pollution is quite varied. It depends on your skin type and what kind of pollutants are strongest in your home.

UV RadiationUV rays can damage your skin even through glass, if you often sit by the window in the sunshine, or you work at a computer in front of one, then you may experience premature ageing
Dust, Smoke & DirtWe know that dust, tobacco smoke and dirt are terrible for our lungs, but can these airborne molecules really cause problems with skin? Yep, they can. These tiny particles float around your home and land on the skin which can leave you with a build up of dead skin cells, leading to dull skin tone, dry or oily skin, ageing, wrinkles and will even exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions. 
Cleaning ChemicalsCleaning chemicals can be very harsh on the body, they are highly concentrated to break down the dirt and grime in the house, which is great for scrubbing the bath but not ideal for your skin. If you’ve got sensitive skin you might want to avoid using too much product and make sure the room your cleaning is well ventilated to avoid irritation. In addition, you might find that using too many chemicals creates an immune response in your body because of oxidative stress. 
HeatingFor those who use central heating or air conditioning, you might find that your skin becomes dry and cracked (especially in delicate areas).
Blue Light Blue lights from your electronic devices (TV, Laptops, Phones, Tablets etc) can impact your skin, including collagen breakdown, photo ageing, inflammation and over time lead to pigmentation. This can lead to premature ageing. 

How can you protect your skin from indoor pollutants?

  • Always use an SPF product on your skin ​– even if you are planning to stay at home. Try putting it on after your morning shower every day to get into the routine. We recommend this Day Lotion from Environ.
  • Let fresh air into your home or, if you struggle like many of us with the yearly hay fever problems, try using an air purifier instead of opening up the windows.
  • If possible, reduce your use of heating or air conditioning units. This is much easier said than done, depending on where you live. If turning the heating/air conditioning down doesn’t make sense for you, try turning the heat down a little or adapt your skincare routine to counter dehydrated skin with product such as the Environ AVST moisturisers
  • Keep an eye on the indoor cleaning products you use. Always open up the windows if you are using something strong to avoid facial irritations. For those with ultra-sensitive skin, try switching out your products to something less concentrated. 
  • To protect yourself from the blue light, turn on blue light reduction tools on your phone, laptops and tablet screens. You can also purchase anti-pollution skincare for your face which will counteract the light. For more on what blue light is and what to use against it here.

All of these environmental factors can cause your skin to struggle, especially with chronic exposure. Our Beauty Experts at the salon in Maidenhead will be able to point you in the right direction with the products that might help as well as tons of other tips and tricks. Contact Ursha or Krishna on 01628 298040

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