Spring is springing its way into our lives with gusto. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had some glorious sunshine and being British this means we’ve been cleaning off the BBQ, throwing the coats in the back of the wardrobe and basking in the beautiful weather. 

Whilst we enjoy the springtime vibes, there are some golden rules that to keep in mind if you want to treat your skin right this spring.

Here are our 5 simple skin care tips to get you ready for Spring:

1. Give your makeup, skincare and beauty products a spring clean

Take your brushes to the sink and give them a good scrub.

We’re all terrible for keeping products around a lot longer than we should. Most beauty products have a shelf life and it’s best to do a clear out around twice a year. If it’s been a while since your last cleanout, head into your makeup bag and do these things:

  • Deep clean your brushes and blenders using a brush cleanser like this fantastic one from Jane Iredale. 
  • Throw away anything that’s been around for a year (or more, we’re not judging) we’re talking about the grungy mascara, the near-empty foundation bottles and the “well-used” lipsticks. 
  • Get rid of any of the products that you don’t like and haven’t used since you tried them.
  • Dig through your bags to find any lip products or makeup products that have been hanging around for too long.
  • Give your makeup bag, skincare box or other receptacles a deep clean.
  • Write a list of the bits and bobs that you need to replace.

2. Adapt Your Hydration Schedule

We always say this and we’ll say it again…

Staying hydrated is an essential part of skincare health. To get your skin looking in tip top shape you need to drink more, especially as the daylight hours get longer and you spend more time outside. 

This week, trying adding in one extra beverage into your routine, perhaps after dinner or take a break from work at 16:00 to grab a drink if you can. If you don’t like the idea of a plain water, try heating it up, adding a herbal teabag (Rooibos is lovely) or adding a little bit of squash for a dash of something different, these all still count to keep you hydrated – just stay away from alcohols which do the opposite!

3. Give your skin an exfoliating scrub

Apply an exfoliating mask or scrub to your face to give it a deeper clean.

Exfoliating removes dry, flaky skin that sits on the top of your skin barrier. It also digs deeper and pulls out detritus whilst cleaning off dead skin cells from your pores which can make your skin feel unhealthy or give you a dull complexion. For people who have clogged pores, it might be worth adding some salicylic acid to your exfoliation routine to clear them out.

Using a scrub once or twice a week will help improve your complexion but make sure that you don’t do it every day. Overdoing the exfoliation on your face can promote oil production and cause broken skin.

For an exfoliator that works well for breakout prone skin, it’s worth trying the Environ Clarity + Exfoliator. Click on the link to find out more or chat to one of our Beauty Experts at the salon in Maidenhead for more advice on your skincare routine.

4. Make sure you give all of your skin the same treatment

One of the most missed areas when it comes to skincare is around the neck and your décolletage.

With skincare it’s almost always focusing on your face but these other areas can age just as prematurely, are susceptible to wrinkles and need looking after.

After a shower or bath, pat yourself down with a dry towel and go wild with a moisturiser across your body, not forgetting knees, elbows and your neck. If you do it with a slightly damp body, the moisturiser will go further and it makes it much easier to apply.

Remember, the moisturiser that you pick will probably be different than the one you use on your face, skin type can differ across the body so if you have an oily skin moisturiser for your face but dry skin across your body you’ll need to substitute in another moisturiser to get the best outcome.

For healthier skin that looks beautiful and has a radiant glow, the most important part of the routine is consistency.

5. Remember to apply sun protection

Go out into the sun but don’t forget the importance of sun screen, and remember to reapply!

Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays that cause premature aging as well as skin and tissue damage which can heighten your risk of skin cancer.

Make sure you use sunscreen every day, even if you don’t plan to spend much time outdoors. If you’re indoors most of the day, you still need to protect your skin from the sun damages reaching through the windows, as we ramp up toward summer, the sun’s rays cause more damage that won’t always be visible to the naked eye.

If you are the kind of person that burns even looking at the sun from the safety of your home, you probably have a pale complexion. It can be so tempting to sit out in the sun, topping up a tan and it feels so good to fill to the brim with the suns warmth but remember a tan is a scar! If you’ve got a pale complexion, it’s not the safest option.

We’re not suggesting avoiding the sun at all costs but instead of heading out to sit under the rays without protection, pick up a tanning lotion. There are plenty on the market that you can add into your moisturising routine that will give you a sun kissed glow, without the skin damage. Having a darker complexion doesn’t let you off either, make sure you apply a sun screen before leaving the house to soak in the hours of sunshine.

Sunscreen Morning Routine

In the morning when you wake up, head to your sink, give your skin a simple, gentle cleanse. Cleansing helps remove dirt, oil, makeup, and dead cells from your face, it can also help prevent breakouts and pimples.

Then add your moisturiser followed by a layer of SPF 15 or up sunscreen to your face, neck and any other body areas that might be in the direct sunlight – You’ll have to reapply during the day, especially if you’re heading out into the world, taking a dip in the sea or working out.

Most of all, get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather – Springtime always feels special so make sure that your skin feels the same as you head out into the sun.

The team at Ana Harmony would be delighted to hear from you and to help you prepare your skin for the spring, pop into the salon on the Cookham Road in Maidenhead or give the team a ring on 01628 298 040.

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